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簡介本庫廣羅《臺灣文獻叢刊》遺珠,收錄海峽兩岸204種已絕版或將絕版之經典文 獻,首度以「全文圖像版」樣貌問世。包括八大類:閩臺方志/輿圖/經濟史 (22種)、閩臺風物/雜記(19種)、「閩臺詩文(70種)、日治政府/二二 八/白色恐怖(16種)、明清閩臺事變(16種)、明清海防/倭變/窺臺戰事 (22種)、清鄭對峙/南明史料(23種)、清領閩臺政事(16種)。
IntroductionThe Taiwan Wenxian Congkan Continuation database updates one of the most important resources in Taiwan studies. Coverage in the original Taiwan Wenxian Congkan was limited to the 1958-1972 period, and subsequently new historical records were uncovered. Accordingly, United Digital Publications Company Ltd. has compiled the Taiwan Wenxian Congkan Continuation database, which includes additional books, archives and literature gathered since the original edition was released by the Bank of Taiwan. One half of these materials consist of books and the only extant copies of manuscripts and handwritings emanating from prestigious universities in China. The other half of the records originated from research institutions and publishers in Taiwan. Content included in the earlier publication is excluded, except in cases where a newer edition adds value. The Taiwan Wenxian Congkan Continuation database is full-text and full-image, with textual criticism, original sources and author introductions in 204 books covering chorography, geographic accounts, local customs, poems, literature, political archives, official documents, civil affairs, war records, records of coastal defenses, the actions of Japanese pirates, the ‘228 Incident,’ the face-off between Zheng Cheng-Gong and the Manchu court, and historical records of the Southern Ming dynasty.