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Introduction “Taiwan Wen Xian Cong Kan” edited by Taiwan Bank is always the most important classics on Taiwan research.
But dozens of years have passed since it had been published in 1958-1972, and many new historical data
have been discovered constantly during this period, there is no new representative collection to cover and
agglomerate all the new historical data. Accordingly, UDP compiled “Taiwan Wen Xian Cong Kan Continuation
” database. All of the 204 books include sole copies, rare books, manuscripts, 24 millions characters.
Their archives and literature gathered in the “Continuation” were finished by 1956. Half of which are
rare books, the only copies extant, manuscripts and handwritings coming from various universities of the
Mainland China. The other half of data come from several “heavyweight” research institutions and
publishers in Taiwan. It owns full text and full images which is so far the only digital version of the
same data in the world.